Feeding your mind with quality not negativity

Feeding your mind with quality not negativity

Feeding your mind with quality not negativity I’ve learned, over time how important it is to feed your mind with quality information that will help you through your daily life. With the knowledge of  the basics of how to succeed and are motivated about doing good work. But in order to truly make a mark in … Read More

Getting Back in the Grind

All the hours spent looking for that special gift, wrapping it in shiny paper and putting the bow on the gift. The perfect spot under the tree. The shopping and wrapping is done.  It didn’t take long for them to be opened, the wrapping paper thrown away now, your families have gone home, and now … Read More

Choices and Accountability

*Disclaimer* This post is NO to be considered as professional help. This is my advice, and plain old  my thoughts on Choices and Accountability after doing some research on the topic. There are also affiliate links that if clicked on and purchased I’ll receive a small commission. Thank you Choices “Choose your battles wisely” is a … Read More

I’m done, I can’t handle this anymore.

Agonizing Importance of today, not the past or what you cannot control. Life can be so stressful at times. This time of year can be the worst with stress. You may be feeling the stress of Christmas in the financial aspect, or different things that you want to do with your children that just aren’t … Read More